Wait! Get your headphones please! I swear it makes a difference. Been dustin off them amps ... Recorded this song with my friend Matt Zink. Listen for his excellent bass playing on this. He’s on a Kramer here. The mic I used is an old Russian job. Apologies if you’re allergic to falsetto! Thanks to Matt Tobey @ russianrecording for mixing. The footage is just ‘commons’ vids I pieced together... The ones I pulled from are instructions on how to date and instructions on how to have a party. More soon... Thanks.

Scenario-  You'reat a model session --- feeling iffy about nude models in general.  You find a good angle though - sort of classical- looking ... plus there's a Hitchcock vibe in the room. You toss in a scoop ofHopper and two scoops Nancy Drew(?). You add a couple vertebrae for good measure- take the drawing home- swap the chair for a bath and the clamp lamp for something more ghostly, add another figure. Put the figure in a Hazmat suit. 

bath bw.jpg