Wait! Get your headphones please! I swear it makes a difference. Been dustin off them amps ... Recorded this song with my friend Matt Zink. Listen for his excellent bass playing on this. He’s on a Kramer here. The mic I used is pretty special too - it’s an old Russian job. Apologies if you’re allergic to falsetto! Thanks to Matt Tobey @ russianrecording for mixing. The footage is just ‘commons’ vids I pieced together... The ones I pulled from are instructions on how to date and instructions on how to have a party. More soon... Thanks.

Scenario-  You'reat a model session --- feeling iffy about nude models in general.  You find a good angle though - sort of classical- looking ... plus there's a Hitchcock vibe in the room. You toss in a scoop ofHopper and two scoops Nancy Drew(?). You add a couple vertebrae for good measure- take the drawing home- swap the chair for a bath and the clamp lamp for something more ghostly, add another figure. Put the figure in a Hazmat suit. 

bath bw.jpg

Saw a show on developments in AIs... some of them are deep in the uncanny valley. Got me thinking about Homunculi and Golems and about Jacob Emden's addendum about the power of codes/words to actuate the inert. We have been willing this stuff to happen for a long time. It's on us.

It is interesting to spend half my time mixing colors in an immediate optical way with paint on a palette and then to turn around and try to construct a color with sliders and nodes and strips of code. Sometimes things get so complicated, that I need to map it out... Who's the golem now?

Making shapes and music - (no need to check out the whole thing... visuals just loop after a while) - Been experimenting with new primitive shapes, reflective textures, and an even- lighting system as a means of setting up elaborate virtual still lifes -  or not-so-still, as the case may be... and for video-mapping when mixing/playing in a live setting.