I have always liked the clothing designer, Thom Browne. A few years ago, he did this whole show that was  a crazy combination of punk, prep, and S&M and ghoul?

He bulked up shoulders and shoved water polo? caps on models, put duck patterns on their suits and made them look like they had no necks. They ended up looking like a cross between cartoon villains and boys in their father's jackets.  There were argyles and plaids and puppy designs but also black leather and spikes and kilts and merkins! It was totally confusing and great. I liked the distortion of the body -  and the palette - mostly pink/green and black/white. I have kept those figures in the back of my mind for a while and hoped to work them into a painting or a group of paintings... I am gearing up for that... Starting with some sketches and modeling figures on the computer... getting them rigged up. Will start composing soon.

btw, These screen recordings have no sound


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