Worked on a project with a colleague and friend of mine from Cognitive Psychology Dept. here at IU. We were looking at stereotypes, sometimes termed “stimming”, are repetitive movements of one’s body or objects.  These behaviors are seen in individuals with a variety of neurodevelopmental conditions but are especially common in those with autism. We used a Xbox Kinect to record motions from individuals with autism who engage in these types of repetitive behaviors.  We then distilled these movements into essential kinematic signatures and then registered them as trails of particles materialized into moving frameworks. We then did some aesthetic interpretation based on testimony given by participants who explained the function and feeling of stimming.  By capturing a range of motions and visualizing the data as animated virtual structures,  we highlight the inherent rhythms and patterns of the movements to present a  different perspective on these behaviors.

In order to do this I had to dive pretty deep into some foreign software territory. In the end it sort of came together, I but I don't think I recall the details of the process and I am not sure I could reproduce it. Lots of sleepless nights. Lots of crossing fingers. And lots of bugging people on forums to figure out glitches in code and other sorcery.