Caleb Weintraub is from New York. He lives and works in Indiana where he teaches painting and drawing at Indiana University. 

Weintraub earned a BFA from Boston University and an MFA from The University of Pennsylvania. Weintraub has eight solo shows in the past ten years including shows in New York, Philadelphia and Chicago. His paintings and sculptures have appeared in art fairs in Miami, London, and Zurich. Caleb Weintraub has been an artist-in-residence at Redux Art Center in South Carolina and the Santa Fe Art Institute. Significant group shows include exhibitions at the Chicago Cultural Center, the Hyde Park Art Center, and Scion Art Space in Los Angeles. Two of his paintings were featured in the book, “Signs of the Apocalypse/ Rapture” published by Front Forty press, distributed by University of Chicago Press. Caleb is Represented by Projects Gallery in Miami, FL. 

Caleb Weintraub makes paintings, installations, and digital prints that integrate digital  and traditional painting techniques to evoke hypothetical realities, dreamscape interpretations of our own fragmented, puzzling, and sometimes senseless world.



2017    Skin, Projects Gallery, Miami, FL
2017    I Feel No Paint II, Caleb Weintraub,  Shircliff Gallery, Vincennes, IN
2017    Caleb Weintraub,  1871 Art Space, Chicago, IL
2017    Caleb Weintraub, Garner Narrative Contemporary Fine Art,                 Louisville, KY
2016    I Feel No Paint,  Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago, IL
2015    Wolf Tickets, the Barr Gallery, New Albany,  IN
2015     Teen(y) Spirit, The 1912 Gallery, Emory, VA
2014     Caleb Weintraub, Peeler Art Center, Greencastle, IN
2013     Spooky Actions at a Distance Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago, IL
2012     Snowglobe A Plastic Dream in a Clear and Present Danger, Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago,IL
2011     The Good Old Bad Old Days, Eggman and Walrus, Santa Fe, NM
2010     Rumspringa. Humdinger. The Leisure Class – Off the Wall, and Out on a Limb, Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago, IL
2010     Caleb Weintraub, Artbox Gallery, Carmel, Indiana
2009     Sunday Games and Souvenirs, Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago, IL
2009     Things That May or May Not Go On in the Dark, In The Night, Projects Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2008     Whatever Shall We Do with these Piles and Piles of Paint, Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago,IL
2008     The Boss of You, Bradley University, Peoria, IL
2007      Cloudy With a Chance of Apocalypse, Jack the Pelican Presents, Brooklyn, NY
2007     We Must Go and Tell the King , Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago, IL
2016     LA Art Fair, Represented by Evan Lurie Gallery (IN), Los Angeles, CA
2016     Art Palm Beach, Represented by Projects Gallery (PHL) Miami, FL
2015     Scope Art Fair, Represented by Evan Lurie, Evan Lurie Project Space, Miami, FL
2015     Sabra Art Booth, Curated by Sabra Foundation, Miami, FL
2015     Aqua Art Miami, Represented by Projects Gallery Miami, FL
2015 'Art Basel Miami 3 ' Represented by Projects Gallery, Wynwood Art District Miami, FL
2015    Selections from the Howard A. and Judith Tullman Art Collection 1871,
Space, Chicago IL
2015     Pure Paint for Now People  (with Francesca Dimattio, Ricky Allman, Kim Dorland, and Lisa Sanditz), Mary Elizabeth Shaw Gallery, Ogden, UT
2015     'Living Threads', Main Gallery,  New York Studio School,   New York, NY
2015    Getting with the Program, galleryELL, (with Ian Hagarty, Holly Jarvis, Andrew Perkins) Curated by Mathew Choberka, New York, NY
2014     Gallery Artists Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago, IL
2013     Aqua Art Fair, represented by Projects Gallery, Miami, FL
2013     Imag(in)ing Science, Grunwald Gallery of Art, Bloomington, IN
2013     TIARA NON GRATA, (sculptural contributions) Emily Bennett-Beck and Erin Goedtel, Soo Visual Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN
2013     Magical Realism: Possible not Probable, August 2 – October Hyndman Gallery Michigan City IN with: Todd Baxter, Nicole Gordon, Laurie Hogin, Priscilla Humay
2013     IDADA, Indianapolis, IN
2012     End of Days, Antenna Gallery, New Orleans, LA
2012     Morbid Curiosity: The Richard Harris Collection, Chicago Cultural Center, IL
2012     DEVOTION, Bloomington Cay Studio, Bloomington, IN
ATAW Gallery , Ningbo, China
2012     Against the Grain , auction curated by Amir Fallah, Mark Moore Gallery, Culver City, CA
2012     Toylanders , Noyes Museum of Art, Oceanville, NJ
2011     Painting at Penn , Meyerson Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Material Witness , Shircliff Gallery of Art, Vincennes, IN
2010     Tethered to my World, Contemporary Figure Painting: Location, Chicago. Organized by Phyllis Bramson, The Art Center, Highland Park, IL
2010     I speak American , Delaware County Community College, Media, PA
2010     Private (Dis)Play , New York Academy of Art, NY
2010     Witness, Northern Illinois University Art Museum, DeKalb, IL
2010     The Triennial 2010 , Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
2009     Format , Art Box, Indianapolis, IN
2009     Exquisite Corpse , The Renaissance Society, Chicago, IL
2009     Signs of the Apocalypse, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL
2009     1000 Days, Scion Art Space, curated by Seth Curcio, Los Angeles, CA
2009     Paper , Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago, IL
2009     To Be or not to Be: a painter’s question, Stedman Art Gallery, Camden, NJ
2009     Confluence: 2009 UNCP Painting Symposium, led by Dr. James Elkins, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC
2008     Reduce your Viewing Distance , Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago, IL
2008     Red Dot London, Projects Gallery, London, England
2008     Mainstream II, Arizona State University Art Museum, selections
From the collection of Mikki and Stanley Whitehorn, Phoenix, AZ
2008     Past the Muster, University of Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, OH
2008     Red Dot New York, Projects Gallery, New York, NY
2008     Child’s Play, Projects Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2008     Back from Miami, Projects Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2008     Bridge Art Fair, Miami, FL (Peter Miller Gallery, Projects Gallery, Jack the Pelican Presents)
2017   Visiting Artist, School of Art, Arizona State University
2017   Juror for Ball State's Student Show
2015     VCU Qatar, remote visit with Professor Michael Perrone
2014     The 1912 Gallery, Emory, VA
2012     Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL
            New York Academy of Art, NY, NY
2011     Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
            New York Academy of Art, NY, NY
2010     Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, IL
2009     Innovations in Figure Drawing Pedagogy, SECAC conference with panelists Caleb Weintraub, Vincent Desiderio, and session chair Jamie Adams Mobile AL
            University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro, NC
            Bowling Green State University, Firelands Ohio
2008     Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois
2001-2003        Master of Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania
1996-2000        Bachelor of Fine Arts, Boston University School for the Arts
2014     Collaborative Fellowship, Institute for Advanced Study. Indiana University
2014     Individual research Fellowship, Institute for Advanced Study. Indiana University
2013     Information Fluency Grant, The College of Arts & Sciences and the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Indiana University
2012     Trustees Teaching Award, Indiana University Bloomington
2011     New Frontiers Grant, Lilly Foundation
2009     Grant-in-Aid, OVPR, Indiana University Conference Grant award, CAHI, Indiana University New Frontiers in the Arts and Humanities Exploration Travelling Fellowship, Lilly Foundation
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